1 8 3 Changelog Fix module not working
2.2 MB
2.2 MB
1.8.3 Changelog
- Fix module not working normally on Android 10
- Refine notification on module installation
- Fix hook may not work on debuggable apps/modules
- Fix XSharedPreference after a soft reboot
- Support Android 13 beta 1
- Fix zygisk installation on x86 only devices
- Fix manager state restoration

1.8.3 更新日志
- 修复 Android 10 下模块工作异常
- 完善模块安装通知
- 修复调试模式下模块或应用钩子可能失效
- 修复软重启后的 XSharedPreference
- 支持 Android 13 beta 1
- 修复仅 x86 设备下 zygisk 版本的安装
- 修复管理器状态恢复
LSPosed is working gracefully on Android 13 DP2
LSPosed is working gracefully on Android 13 DP2 🥳.
For developers only LSPlant is open sourced and
(For developers only)
LSPlant is open-sourced and uploaded to maven!!
We have extracted our Android Runtime (ART) hook framework into a single, open-sourced library LSPlant (like Sandhook, YAHFA, Epic, and Pine).
Integrating this library into your APP, you can hook Java methods dynamically for performance benchmark or so. You can also implement your Xposed Framework using this library (LSPosed is a combination of LSPlant, Xposed API and Zygote injection like Riru and Zygisk). We will refactor LSPosed to LSPlant-based to implement our non-root framework LSPatch more easily.
LSPlant supports arm, arm64, x86, and x86_64 from Android 6.0 up to 13 DP1 in LGPL license, allowing you to freely dynamic-link it to your closed source project.

There are also some libraries in our maven group to help your Android development: e.g., AndroidHiddenApiBypass: a pure Java library to bypass Android API restriction, working on Android 9.0 up to Android 13 DP1.
1 5 1 released 1 5 1 发布辣
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1.5.1 released!
1.5.1 发布辣!

- Fix the issue that Magisk mounted apps are not displayed
- Update some strings
- Remove workaround for modules who get module's apk path from classloader's DexFile's name

- 修复 Magisk 挂载的应用不被显示的问题
- 更新一些字符串
- 移除从类加载器的 DexFile 名字获取模块 apk 路径的兼容(QQ复读机请使用 8.8.6 以上版本
1 4 7 released 1 4 7 发布辣
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1.4.7 released!
1.4.7 发布辣!

- Fix system injection failure on some devices

- 修复某些设备上的系统框架注入失败