USM Metaverse will be shut down to deploy
USM Metaverse will be shut down to deploy the version 0.9.3 patch from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM UTC on July 30. 🚀

Version 0.9.3 Patch Notes:
1️⃣ USM Seiyuu Concert
Featuring: Shinda Huihai, Uchida Cai, Suzuki Xingnai
Performance time: 2022.08.05 12:00 (UTC), 2022.08.05 9:00pm (JST)
Location: USM - New California, USM bowl [4650,4350]

Ticket distribution: Engage in social media activities to earn concert tickets
Fun Pass benefits: free concert tickets and neon glowsticks

2️⃣ USM Seiyuu Exhibition Hall
USM Seiyuu Exhibition Hall will be established in Doge state [2025,1650] for the three voice actresses to share their latest photos and become the center for fan activities.

3️⃣ Seiyuu Exhibition Sign-in Event
Earn rewards by signing in at the Seiyuu Exhibition Hall in Doge State.
Event Period: 2022/08/01 - 2022/08/05 (UTC)
If you sign in for 1 day in total, you will be rewarded with 3 chat expressions.
If you sign in for 3 days in total, you will be rewarded with 1 poster display board furniture.
If you sign in for 5 days in total, you will be rewarded with a group photo NFT.

Future Patch Previews:
1. Mobile phone version 📱
2. Art graphics upgrade 🎨
3. Voice chat 🎤
4. Automatic text translation 🌐
5. World Cup activities
6. More star concerts 🧑‍🎤
USM Metaverse will be shut down to deploy
USM Metaverse will be shut down to deploy the version 0.9.2 patch from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM UTC on July 15. 🚀

Version 0.9.2 Patch Notes:
1. Live concerts beta test
a. Start time: 2022.07.18 12:00:00 (UTC).
b. Location: USM Bowl in New California [4650,4350].
c. Tickets: The tickets will be airdropped to pass holders.
2. Editing your profile: Click the profile in the upper left corner to edit the name, introduction and profile.
3. Upload video link controls:
a. Added user agreement and disclaimer
b. Added blacklist blocking measures
4. URP Asset replacement to upgrade graphic quality
5. Motion sync optimization for smoother movements

Future patch sneak peek:
1. Special celebrity concerts 🧑‍🎤
2. Mobile phone version 📱
3. Graphic quality upgrade 🎨
More updates about the hacking event on June
More updates about the hacking event on June 21, UTC

Hackers attacked the RACA withdraw service on June 21, UTC. The attack occurred because our operation and maintenance engineers work globally and remotely. They use their home internet to access the RACA backend service. The computer of one engineer was infected with a Trojan virus. The hacker obtained the server permission of the RACA withdrawal service and got the private key and withdrawal signature. Through forged transactions, a total of 698 million RACA in the associated smart contract of the withdrawal service was transferred to the hacker's wallet address 0x987984e53ba32d133a190f79272028a7ec5beeb9.

RACA team statement:

1. High-standard security specifications and workflow have been implemented in the team, and similar security issues will not occur again.

2. It is hoped that the attacker can return 598 million RACA, and the remaining 100 million RACA will be used as a reward for the attacker as a white-hat hacker. If this 698 million RACA has been sold for a stablecoin, we would like the white hat hackers to transfer back 80%. The remaining 20% goes as a white-hat hacker bounty. The wallet address to return RACA or stablecoin: 0x039980Da0E99D3976E95a93fDE97AdB4103Fc17b

3. We hope that the attackers can cooperate with us to recover the stolen RACA, otherwise, RACA team reserve the right to take legal action.
Dear all USM will have a big Demo
Dear all,
USM will have a big Demo day pitch on June 30, UTC 5PM-7PM, (SGT 1AM-3AM).
1. All community members are invited to log in to the USM; build your house or enter French's gallery to hang out
2. Welcome to join the Motor bike competitions
3. Say hello: Hello Tachyon

Time to show the power of our community!
Hello we will be announcing all latest updates
Hello, we will be announcing all latest updates, news, community events, and activities on Discord from now. Please join us, and see you there!

How to join RACA server?
Step2 Click the 'ROCKET 🚀' from the welcome message to verify
Step3 Click region 'Flags 🏁' to join your Local Community
https twitter com usmverse status 1536241041388732417 s 21
Radio Caca-Raca Announcements
USM Patch 0.9.1 Notes
Version 0.9.1 patch notes:

1. Add 3 new features to Help System: OI videos, FAQ, and player feedback.
2. Add 3 new states: New Harvard State, Doge State, and Bake State.
3. Update Chat System to 1.1: English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Turkish, Russian are now supported.
4. Furniture feature improvement: Now characters can take seats on chairs and sofas.
5. Add frames and holographic display for NFTs:
Support BSC/ETH assets
More image formats (jpg, png, gif)
Model formats for resource display (GLB, GLTF)
6. Optimize icons and tips of certain items.
7. Launch a 3-month staking program for larger participants.

Future Updates:
1. Profile: Support personalized profile picture and information of both registered users and guests.
2. Improved graphics
3. Live concerts beta test
4. New in-game features