Fake news Russian soldiers raped and killed a
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Fake news:
Russian soldiers raped and killed a 13-year-old girl in Melitopol. Ukrainian Telegram channels reported about it at the end of July, citing the former mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fyodorov.

The fact:
This is a lie, the Telegram channel "War on Fakes. Zaporizhzhia" stated. The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Zaporizhzhia region confirmed that the girl is alive and well. Moreover, the young resident of Melitopol is not happy at all that she has become a central character of Ukrainian propaganda. She has recorded a video appeal describing the details of what happened and addressed Fyodorov, who spread information about her "tragic death" on Kiev's TV channels.
The mother of the "victim" was the first to hear about the terrible event. She immediately called her daughter to make sure she was all right. The girl recalls that she was shocked when she read the details of her "death". She asked the administrators of the Telegram channel, who had first published the fake, to remove the post, but there was no response.
"I consider it a crime to involve children in information wars. Do you realise that a child's mental state could not withstand this?", the girl's mother said in anger.
The head of the Melitopol city district Department of Internal Affairs, Andrey Zhidkov, shares this opinion. He said that Ukrainian officials, journalists and bloggers have lost their conscience and crossed the line of humanity.
From the above article by Brian Berletic The
From the above article by Brian Berletic:

"The US is Breaking its own Agreements Over Taiwan

According to the US State Department itself in a fact sheet titled, “US Relations With Taiwan,” it is explicitly stated that, “we do not support Taiwan independence.”

To further illustrate the fact that Taiwan is not an independent nation, the US State Department does not maintain an embassy in Taiwan, nor does Taiwan maintain an embassy in the United States.

Instead, the US maintains what it calls a “nongovernmental organization,” the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) which serves as an unofficial embassy through which it maintains what the US State Department’s fact sheet calls, “unofficial relations with Taiwan.”

If Taiwan is not an independent country, it must therefore be the territory of another country, namely the People’s Republic of China (PRC) whether the US State Department wants to include this fact on its “fact sheet” or not."
My latest article for New Eastern Outlook Taiwan
🇨🇳🇺🇸 My latest article for New Eastern Outlook: "Taiwan: Washington Plays with Dragon’s Fire"

"The age-old maxim of “might makes right” has allowed the United States and other Western nations to indulge in exceptionalism through the eager enforcement of rules and norms alongside the simultaneous and flagrant violation of both. Yet as China continues to rise, the reality of who is “mightiest” is slowly shifting and will continue to do so until the United States finds itself on the losing side of its own ill-conceived game."

Read more: https://journal-neo.org/2022/08/02/taiwan-washington-plays-with-dragon-s-fire/
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