Today 39 s SatoshiSwap Friday update Token Swap
Today's SatoshiSwap Friday update

🔷 Token Swap - 12th August
🔷 HODL Bar Launch - 19th August
🔷 Margin Dex Beta (new date) - 2nd September
🔷 15% token re-lock
🔷 780,000,000,000 new token supply
🔷 Everyone gets the same token amounts airdropped

Please read our Reddit post for more information
Public statement regarding today 39 s preliminary injunction
Public statement regarding today's preliminary injunction ruling 🎉

About half a year ago we initiated a lawsuit against bad actors operating a fake SatoshiStreetBets branded token, as well as various fraudulent SatoshiStreetBets social media accounts and today the judge ruled on the associated preliminary injunction.

Summary - it was ruled in our favour and the individuals behind the infringing "SatoshiStreetBets Token” must immediately cease use of our brand and transfer all infringing social media & Telegram accounts to us!

Please see our tweet for more information:
This week 39 s SatoshiSwap update is a
This week's SatoshiSwap update is a must-read!
🔥 Upcoming token swap ahead of our margin dex release
🔥 Significant USD liquidity injection into our trading pair
🔥 SatoshiStreetBets brand updates

Reddit post:

Tomorrow 39 s usual Friday update will be
Tomorrow's usual Friday update will be skipped and is returning next week.
Lot's of reasons why - one being we've spent the week simply doing testing.
We're super excited about the launch of our leverage trading platform and have some surprises up our sleeve! Keep an eye out 👀