TON Core Update 2022 12 Improvements of TON
TON Core Update 2022.12

— Improvements of TON Proxy: fixed few bugs, improved stability.

— Improved Collator/Validator checks, added optimization of storage stat calculation, generation and validation of new blocks is made safer.

— Some previously hard-coded parameters such as split/merge timings, max sizes and depths of internal and external messages, and others now can be updated by validators through setting ConfigParams. Max contract size added to configs.

— TonLib: updated raw.getTransactions (now it contains InitState), fixed long bytestrings truncation.

— abseil-cpp is updated to newer versions.

— Added configs for Token Bridge.

— LiteServers: a few bug fixes, added liteServer.getAccountStatePrunned method, improved work with not yet applied blocks.

— Improved DHT: works for some NAT configurations, optimized excessive requests, added option for DHT network segregation.

— FunC v0.4.0: added try/catch statements, added throw_arg functions, allowed in-place modification of global variables, forbidden ambiguous modification of local variables after it's usage in the same expression.

— TON Storage: added storage-daemon (create, download bag of Files, storage-provider staff), added storage-daemon-cli.

Besides the work of the core team, this update is based on the efforts of vtamara (help with abseil-cpp upgrade), krigga (in-place modification of global variables) and third-party security auditors.

The network update is scheduled for January 9.