The TON DNS auction has started
The TON DNS auction has started!
The TON DNS auction starts tomorrow July 30
The TON DNS auction starts tomorrow, July 30, at 9:00 UTC on the site.

Network validators, on Aug. 2, it is planned to set the root DNS contract in the network config by voting — all validators need to participate.
Last week we were pleased to announce that
Last week, we were pleased to announce that TON has become a sponsor of the competitive programming platform Codeforces.

Codeforces is a popular platform where tens of thousands of the world’s strongest programmers compete in various competitions at the highest level.

More than 11,000 programmers took part in our last event, CodeTON.

In total, more than 1.5 million people are registered on the site.
Results of the first ever Hack a TON
Results of the first-ever Hack-a-TON!

The hackathon’s goal was to show the best application of TON payments technology in 48 hours. We received over 80 submissions.

The teams made MVPs showing the use of TON Payments in various areas — social networks, API, streaming, calls, advertising, games, internet traffic, decentralized finances, and more. The ideas are so cool that we decided to double the prize pool.

It was also the first TON programming event with an offline part — the participants could gather in Prague.

See the results on the @toncontests channel.
Mytonctrl update TON has a very convenient tool
Mytonctrl update

TON has a very convenient tool for installing and maintaining a node or a validator.

Just take a server with the recommended hardware requirements and run one script.

The mytonctrl tool received a big update c83a3a:

New functionality
— Quick installation mode using dump download.
— Nominator pool support is now in the master branch with new improvements.
— Validators can now issue certificates for liteservers.

Improved work with wallets
— Added support for different wallet versions (v1, v2, v3) and wallet version detecting.
— Import & export wallet by address and private key.
— Now no restart is required to apply changes to wallets.

Stats improvement
— More info in the status command and more accurate calculation of indicators — e.g., TPS.
— Display of past elections, validators, and complaints.
— Improved telemetry (disks iops, network pps, uname, memory, swap).

— Refactoring.
— Miner removed.

Thank you to igroman787, the permanent maintainer of mytonctrl.
Introducing TON Payments TON Payments is a technology
Introducing TON Payments

TON Payments is a technology for micropayments and a micropayment channel network. It can be used for many instant off-chain value transfers between parties without network fees. Safeguards built into the system ensure that these transfers are as secure as on-chain transactions.

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Introducing TON DNS TON DNS is a service
Introducing TON DNS

TON DNS is a service that allows users to assign a human-readable name to crypto wallets, smart contracts, and websites.

With TON DNS, access to decentralized services is analogous to access to websites on the internet.

Read all about this new TON component: