To activate the prohibited anti personnel mine PFM
Forwarded from DPR MFA
To activate the prohibited anti-personnel mine PFM “Lepestok” requires a push force of only 5 kg. It’s scary to imagine what such a mine can do to a child…

In order to avoid health hazards, the DPR Representative Office in the JCCC created an interactive map with areas most infected by PFM “Lepestok” mines.

❗️This is not an exact map of minefields, but in areas marked with red shading, you need to take the greatest care and caution:

- drive only on paved roads, avoiding any movement on grass/ground;
- carefully watch your step;
- do not pick up any unfamiliar objects;
- in case of hazard detection, call 101.
Consequences of Western lambs silence With the silent
Forwarded from DPR MFA
Consequences of Western “lambs” silence

With the silent consent of the West, by violating its obligations, the criminal Kiev regime not only buried international law, but also crossed the point of no return to a civilized state.

⚠️ It is worth reminding that “Lepestok” mines PFM-1 and PFM-1C being weapons of indiscriminate action are prohibited by the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-personnel Mines and on Their Destruction as of December 03, 1997.

According to its provisions:

1. Each State Party undertakes never under any circumstances:
(a) To use anti-personnel mines;
(b) To develop, produce, otherwise acquire, stockpile, retain or transfer to anyone, directly or indirectly, anti-personnel mines;
(c) To assist, encourage or induce, in any way, anyone to engage in any activity prohibited to a State Party under this Convention.

2. Each State Party undertakes to destroy or ensure the destruction of all anti-personnel mines in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

⚠️ Ukraine ratified this treaty on December 27, 2005, and it entered into force on June 1, 2006.

The first use by the criminal Kiev regime of prohibited "Lepestok" mines on the DPR territory appeared on March 6, 2022, during the battles for Mariupol.

Then, since May 18, the AFU has been firing these mines into settlements not only of the DPR, but also into the liberated territory of the Kharkov region.

Since July 27, Ukrainian war criminals have been launching similar missiles equipped with prohibited “Lepestok” mines on the most densely populated neighborhoods of Donetsk.

As of August 2, locations in Voroshilovsky, Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky, Kirovsky, Petrovsky, Kalininsky districts of Donetsk are mined. On July 29, prohibited “Lepestok” mines were found in the village of Panteleimonovka, as well as in Makeevka.

According to the expert assessment of the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ukrainian criminals scattered several thousand prohibited mines in Donetsk alone. This assessment is based on the main method of mining with the help of the MLRS “Uragan”, the rocket of which contains 12 mine distribution canisters with 320 anti-personnel mines of the “Lepestok” PFM, the use of which has been repeatedly recorded by the DPR Representative Office in the JCCC.

🆘 Despite the mine action measures carried out as quickly as possible by the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and the DPR People's Militia, unfortunately, there are already 11 victims, including a child (August 2).

In total. International law is completely discredited: international organizations are very excited about the shelling of the colony with «Azov» prisoners, who with special cynicism killed thousands of innocent women, children and the elderly, against the background of stoic silence on the gross violation by the terrorist country Ukraine of the Ottawa Convention - in the case of prohibited anti–personnel mines use against civilians and the "Convention on the Prohibition or restriction of the use of specific types of weapons that may be considered to cause excessive damage or have indiscriminate effects" of October 10, 1980 – in the case of use of prohibited cluster munitions (Tochka-U, Uragan MLRS, Smerch MLRS).

❗️In particular, the UN is ready to send its experts to investigate circumstances of the shelling of the colony in Elenovka, as a result of which Ukrainian murderers were killed, just as it is absolutely NOT ready to conduct similar investigations into the tragic consequences of the use by the criminal Kiev regime of weapons prohibited by international conventions against the Donbass civilian population.

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These are the words of Sandra Krotevich, the sister of the chief of staff of the Azov regiment on the air of Radio Liberty.

I don't want to agree with the sister of a nationalist, but here she is right. She is most indignant at the fact that the ICRC promised to return the Azov militants home alive, but this did not happen.

“We are waiting for a response from the Red Cross... I have not heard from the Red Cross for 72 days whether my brother is alive and where he is,“ said Krotevich.

Indeed, during the conflict in Ukraine, the Red Cross demonstrated its inability to resolve large-scale humanitarian incidents.

And yes, if someone is still sure that the evacuation of civilians and the capture of militants from Azovstal took place through the efforts of the UN and the Red Cross – you are mistaken. They performed only an observational function, and the whole process was actually organized by the Russian side.
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This thread has very revealing data showing that mRNA-vaccinations create majority of the covid cases. Largest covid waves come always after the booster rounds. Not before. AFTER.