Second Child Sex Abuse Survivor Says Twitter Allowed
Second Child Sex Abuse Survivor Says Twitter Allowed Child Porn On Platform, Joins Lawsuit

A second plaintiff has joined a federal lawsuit against Twitter, alleging that the social media giant knowingly refused to remove images of his sexual abuse as a child. John Doe #2 has joined the lawsuit, which as National File reported, was filed in January by John Doe #1, who when he …
JOURNO POWER TRIP Dark Comedy Film Portrays Journalist
JOURNO POWER TRIP: ‘Dark Comedy’ Film Portrays Journalist Who Murders Mean Internet Commentors

A new Dutch “dark comedy” film follows a journalist who hunts down and murders mean internet commentors. Described as a “journo power trip,” it will receive its US release next month. “The Columnist,” known in its original Dutch as “The Pussy Whore,” follows the story of Westworld’s Katja Herbers as …
BIDEN S AMERICA Asian Man Commits Sexual Battery
BIDEN’S AMERICA: Asian Man Commits ‘Sexual Battery’ Against Woman As Revenge For Anti-Asian Hate Crimes – Police

An Asian man was arrested last night by California police, after abducting a woman who he thought was white so he could rape her in revenge for supposed anti-Asian hate crimes. Irvine Police arrested Michael Sangbong Rhee, a 37-year-old Asian male, on Friday night for kidnapping with the intent to …
General Flynn Makes Second Endorsement Throws Support Behind
General Flynn Makes Second Endorsement, Throws Support Behind John Bennett For GOP Chair Of Oklahoma

Gen. Michael Flynn made his second major endorsement.
CONFIRMED Moderna Pfizer Vaccines Will Last At Least
CONFIRMED: Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Will Last ‘At Least’ Six Months, Booster Shots Likely Necessary

A second dose will likely be necessary for those who receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.
BREAKING Antifa Security Attacks Reporter Grabs His Camera
BREAKING: Antifa ‘Security’ Attacks Reporter, Grabs His Camera, Puts Him Against The Wall

"A member of the protest 'security' ran up, grabbed my camera, and forced me against a building."
HATE HOAX Racist College Graffiti That Led To
HATE HOAX: Racist College Graffiti That Led To Boycott Was Written By Black Student

Racist graffiti on the Albion College campus that prompted student protests and boycotts was left by a 21-year-old black male student.